Aunt Helen’s Cat

Standing tall, chest out, head high! That’s how we carry on through the ups and downs of life. This year has been especially tough, but this heavy ceramic cat has always guided us through. 

‘Aunt Helen’s Cat’ we’ve always called her. Well over 100 years old, it was in my husband’s family when he was a boy. It sat proudly in a corner of his aging aunt’s living room...noticed mostly back then when telling our toddler kids to be carful, be gentle around Aunt Helen’s beloved piece of art. 

My husband loved cats, we always had several at our lakehouse. When his aunt passed away, it was the one thing he asked for. It was chipped and a bit discolored, but those blue eyes saw all. Having such a majestic family heirloom lent something special to our little house...and as it turned other homes in our lifetime together. Whenever possible, she sat on the hearth, at times with seasonal bows around her neck. 

Eventually grandkids came along and we reminded them to be gentle with the old white statue. All five delighted in giving her hugs, dressing her in doll clothes or hats and decorating her with ribbons or  tiny lights at Christmas time. 

For a few years I had no fireplace and Aunt Helen’s Cat was confined to the back of the closet in my rented condo. The grandkids are growing up and never missed her. 

Guess I didn’t either. But now here we are, the cat and I. In my new Townhome with a fireplace and the perfect spot for her to stand guard. 

Everytime I pass by her I stand a little straighter, smile at all she’s seen and heard and am grateful I didn’t pass her off just yet to one of my kids. 

She a connection...a container of lifetimes for so many generations and a comfort to me as I soldier on through these days of sunny but uncertain times. I can’t wait to tie an autumn garland around her neck next month!