Understanding Both Sides

 In an effort to better understand how our President-elect has such passionate supporters, I attended a meeting of local communication and community leaders a few weeks ago. I needed to grasp why voters felt he is the best to lead our country. Despite the numerous posts on social media condemning his win and the rallying of folks still upset about Clinton's loss; talking face-to-face with both sides and hearing concrete reasons helped me move away from uncertainty and move toward hope and reason for our country.

The elections are over
The circus goes on.
Trump’s in the White House
What once was is gone.

Goodness; where are you?
Can’t you hear, don’t you see?
Kindness, acceptance getting along
Is how it should be!

Suspend for a moment who won;
We should have known!
Party change every eight years,
Means deep division; unity has flown.

Identity and emotion were in play,
Policies and public service not so much.
Dislocation, economy and society
Mean folks need more than going-Dutch.

Mr. Trump resonated with just one toss;
A gigantic rock through America’s window!
Getting away with it was the new vibe…
Political incorrectness was the way to go!

Cultural differences suddenly showed
The bully monster reared its head.
Passionate supporters said he’s our man…
Now feeling discomfort and conflicted instead.

This is where I’m at now; understanding
Dear colleagues and friends.
Our opposite views doesn’t mean
Family and friendship are at end!

Policies and promises were the sideshow,
Emotion ruled the stage.
Society differences so far apart…
From nice; not-so-nice; to put‘em in a cage!

Respect for our President-elect is
Twirling and whirling one day to another.
As America reels, reaches, reacts...
Let’s keep Goodness above all other.

Moving forward means coming together
The masses now say. I needed to grasp,
Understand and not fear.  
Unity happens when hands we can clasp.


  1. So far the hands being clasped to carry on the work of the nation is not giving me reason to hope we are being led toward goodness, but I guess we shall see.

    1. It's my way of saying stop the mudslinging and try to find ways to coexist if this nightmare continues, Olga! I am not promoting current 'unity' unfolding in DC!

  2. I haven't been this afraid since the Cuban missile crisis - fear of what our future holds. I attended a Planned Parenthood meeting last week - it was like being back in the 60s/70s and talking about all the rights we are going to have to fight to keep that we won back then. And the hate speech and bigotry just leaves me saddened. I must admit I don't have a lot of hope left.