Portable Magic

"Books are a uniquely portable magic" says author Stephen King. My teen granddaughters have read most of Mr. King's books and this middle-school-bound boy will soon be too.

An academic achiever and gifted athlete, my oldest grandson is an easy-going kid who happily takes a book along wherever he goes. Visiting my family last month, they took Grandma to the local Mexican restaurant. Look at that smile...just a quick one before he got back to his latest Rick Riordan novel. At 11, he loves electronics too...but parental time limits or discipline can interfere. Oh how I remember being sent to my room as a kid...often in a huff or tears...but pretty soon I'd be lost in a book.                                                                          

I take Grandma credit of course; spending hours reading to my grand kids even as babies. I love his focus here, hanging on my every word! I still give books as new baby gifts, read stories to the classrooms I work in and take turns reading a page with the twins as they practice expression and the rhythm of their voice. I recently joined a writing class that has us sharing our pieces orally....podium and mic included! Reading aloud is good for the soul. 

'Mystery Reader' when he was in First Grade
Love the Share Chair

One of his favorite places is the library; especially now that school's out for the summer. He devoured this heavy, two handed coffee-table sized book; Percy Jackson's Greek Gods by Rick Riordan, in 24 hours.
I scoped out my local library and got my card so we'll be ready to browse when he comes to visit next month! Barns and Noble is another favorite place; they all choose this over Target or a Dollar Store when given a choice. Even without a purchase, they're excited to see new releases they can look forward to and displays of trending authors or genres to watch for.
The twins are fine with the 'kid's section' and the older girls can handle adult and young adult material....but this is the hardest age....almost 12. Ready for challenging and engaging stories; but not mature content. Luckily he enjoys history...especially those in photo-journo style.

Big brother using his time wisely at his brother and sister's games, and at their First Communion earlier this year. "Reading gives us someplace to go, when we have to stay where we are," says Mason Cooley.

I am so proud of the young man this kid is becoming. My wish for him is to always believe in his smart, sincere, kind and funny self; and that his sense of fairness and rightness will guide him along the educational pathways of school and life. Remember that books are a lighthouse in the dark, a window into ourselves, a doorway to the world and a cozy blanket for comfort. Love you, DB!

And Fifth Grade is a wrap!