Ready For Lift Off

Last day of summer vacation for the Littles. Stuck inside at Grandma and Grandpa's house with thunderstorms all day. It turned out to be one of the best days ever. They used their imaginations all morning being Princess Paige and her Protectors; Spiderman and Wolverine.

They played nice with others, ate well, said all the right words (okay, sorry, excuse me, please..and did not call anyone stupid!) and they never even asked for Sponge Bob!!!

 This afternoon their imaginations had them playing secret agents/ninjas... using calculators for walkie-talkies, using words like "stealth" and "defeat" as they searched each room in my house for bad guys. I gathered them around me on the bed to play rummy and they actually listened, learned and did not cry when they didn't win!

I really think there was a force at play today, a dust-off-our-good-behavior vibe.....or maybe the God of back-to-school-prep...something very wonderful happened! They will be just fine tomorrow!

But what about their Mama.....and Grandma? There'll be teary-eyed pride thinking of these sweet little munchkins. The 3-year-old baby boy who welcomed twins into his taking them under his wing as he begins third grade (on the second level with the "big kids!) Brother and sister twins starting kindergarten.... letting go of each other's hand as they head to separate classrooms. Oh how the memories flood back at times like this. Not only do I think back on these babies, but to my older girls now in middle and high school. And if it's another rainy, dreary day....I'll probably recall all the way back to my own kids' first days of school!

But then I'll remember the 33 years I spent as a teacher and principal......33 years of new beginnings!
I was as excited as the kids EVERY single year! I know in my heart that their teachers will love them and guide them; launching a new year with discoveries and adventures that will cement their love of learning!  And the Kindergarten teachers, with their special powers... will lift and send the twins soaring on
this great journey called education.

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  1. So sweet. So beautifully expressed! But then, a child with a caring nature and a creative approach to play is born from the influence of attentive and nurturing adults. I think Gramcracker is "seriously guilty" of being one of these!
    I love the pursuit of "bad guys!" Our almost-five year old twin boys can't get enough of looking for them either!

  2. Thank you, Joyce!
    I get frustrated when they only want TV or computer/tablet/phone games; so I don't feel guilty when I say...just play! Of course, I have to let them pull the costumes out, run around the house leaving stuff everywhere and sometimes take on the roll of a bad guy they can cuff and haul off! LOL
    Picking up after them when they've gone home gives me time to savor it all!

  3. This is so sweet. You made me all misty-eyed thinking about those little ones setting out on their school journeys. Such a special time. I wish I were nearer to my grandson as he heads out. I just know he'll love his teacher to death, though, and I have no doubt he'll truly be a teacher's pet as he starts kindergarten. How do I know for certain? Because his MOM (my daughter) is his kindergarten teacher! Funny how it worked out, but it'll be a special year, for sure.

    Thank you for sharing this. You've warmed my heart, as you always do.

    1. How wonderful that he will be with his Mom! I remember Treg being in Kdg,1st and 2nd which were just down the hall from my 2nd grade I had him close by for 3 years! Yesterday went well for the kiddos! Their morning excitement was contagious...I could hear it in my daughter's voice when she called to fill me in!
      Thank you for your kind words and support, Lisa!

  4. Sounds like such a wonderful day. Be strong Grandma -- they will be in very good hands -- but I so understand. I am glad you got one last wonderful day of play. As for leaving stuff everywhere -- that is what Grandma's house is about isn't it? J is guilty! I am guilty! Let them have a place of fun -- and you certainly do! I'm like you I just love stumbling upon a bath toy or something Amara has left laying somewhere -- flash backs!

    1. Oh wow, you and Lisa are such great friends! As soon as I saw your names I choked up. Thank you for you insight and inspiration, too are my hero and always so supportive!
      I agree...a messy house is NBD. As Joyce's a sign of a caring and attentive adult! What a great compliment to us all, huh?!