Modern Memoirs: How To Blog

I was recently featured in an interview entitled Modern Memoirs: How To Blog. I've been teaching myself little by little...and with awesome support from other bloggers! For that I am most grateful; and now I'm able to help someone else in return!
 The interview was written by a correspondent for; which represents senior living communities. Since they've used a stock photo in the's one of me! I love the light from the kitchen window....and observing neighbors walk by, the gardens in bloom, the weeds that need pulling!

I have a personal Facebook page....called Gramcracker Crumbs; and of course this website with the same name. I am a grandmother of five and a retired elementary teacher and principal currently certified in Gifted Education. I love to read, travel and keep active with 5 and 10 K's, Zumba classes and riding my bike!

                            How To Begin Blogging              
  • Blogger and WordPress are both free and easy to navigate.

  • Ask web savvy friends or adult children for help when you need it.

  • In considering a topic or theme for your blog, choose something with value  for  your readers, something that you value and care about and something that spotlights your personality and style. After you're comfortable with'll easily think of a blog name! As you can inspiration comes from being with kids, aging and everyday life!

  • Be carful about sharing personal and family information-at least until you have confidence in your audience. I use nicknames when referring to my grandkids in posts; and I always get their mom's permission for publishing photos.

I view my writing as an outlet...not an obligation. My words are my paintbrush, creating images in the reader's mind. My sentences weave stories of family and friends....and how we embrace life and all it has to offer. I write about my life chapters, continual learning, travels, friendship, children and the joys of living and playing at every age!

Mom and I in her new Condo

I've shared memories of my parents;
expressing feelings about my
childhood and of my time spent as a
member of the sandwich
generation while caring for both Mom and my grandkids.


Naming my blog Gramcracker Crumbs invited many inquiries as to why. I composed a piece with the simple explanation that Gramcracker was the name given to me by my oldest grandchild....and picked up as the others came along.

I love words...the way words go together. I love the power and feeling of words....playing with words...the rhythm and rhyme of words!
And that's just what Robert Frost said; "Composing is a game with words."

Everyone has a story to tell....each word you write has been written before; each word you speak has been spoken before. But your thought is a creation...a statement bursting from within! Write something today....on a scrap of paper or on a word document. Tell us about the love of your life, your kids, your worries, your amazing adventures. You CAN write...and you can blog!

Joan Stommen


  1. My favorite blogs are ones that don't blind me with ads, shove recipes down my throat every single day, or go on and on about how the author is sooooo busy she doesn't have tiiiiiime to write anything!
    My favorites feature charming, simply told life stories, primarily of interaction with beloved grandchildren.
    And that is why I am here again today at "Gramcracker Crumbs" and why I'll be back again and again and again!
    Best Wishes, Joan!
    Joyce (formerly known as the "mysterious J!")

  2. I love your blog and I completely agree with everything Grandma J has said above and then some! I love going to blogs like yours and hers and a few others who actually blog about our grandchildren and the fun things we do together with them! We may occasionally include a recipe from one of those fun times but the recipe isn't the reason for the post -- the fun is! This is a soapbox she and I share! OH! And may I just add I HATE blogs that play music! Often times I sneak into the office to read posts while Amara is still sleeping only to have the page blare music at me that I can not mute! Or that comes un-muted if I touch the scroll bar. (Sorry didn't mean to go off!)

    1. Joyce and've both brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for your comments and sharing my feelings/ideas about blogging. I do admire Connie and Lisa and the others who have blogs with ads and promotions...lots of great posts! But I'm not disciplined or motivated enough I guess!
      I am honored that you've shared your name with me, Joyce! And I love that you both get my Grandma sharing thing! Thanks for being such loyal and loving fans!

  3. I love that card or letter that has the violet on it darn cute. She's a creative one for sure! :)

    1. Hi Debra,
      My oldest grand girl....she sure is! She was just a little thing; had fun typing the message, then cutting, pasting and drawing to make my Birthday "card!"
      I enjoy following you on FB and your blog posts....your yard/gardens, beautiful photos and how you present your experiences to us!
      Thanks for reading!

  4. I love that your oldest grandchild named you gramcracker. What a fun name. And I think it's great that you write for pleasure. Bless you.

  5. Thank you Gail!
    I do enjoy your Bible love notes/life connections each week on the Blog Hops! I just reread your personal info/bio and I too am a Sunday School teacher, traveler and have lived in many places! You have 7 grandkids....wooooohoooo! How wonderful for them to hear Bible stories from YOU!
    Thanks for reading me and taking time to comment!

  6. I just have to say, I came across your blog through Grandma's Briefs, and I came across hers, because of a pinterest PIN I had to PIN, lol. And because of that, I KNOW God had a reason behind it, I had NO clue there was a Grandma Blogger Niche...and I feel truly inspired to know that I am not the only person that feels their life, and family, are important enough reasons to BLOG...I didn't start that way, but did throw in family here and there because that is what made me happy. But I made a lot of friends along the way, and NOW, I feel that the direction God wants me to go, not to be successful, but to successfully share something that is important, is to put out how a family that is not technically protocol, that is blended from many directions, can be happy, God loving, and just doing the best that they can with what they have, and even doing without some of the so called niceties of life, to maintain the family values that we hold dear. Thank you for making it possible for others to just be who they are.

  7. I feel so blessed to have found your blog. It was definitely a chance meeting...because I saw a post on Pinterest, that I Pinned, which was from Grandma's Briefs, and from there, I found the Grand Social, which, led me to you! From the moment I started reading your posts, I KNEW...I finally felt comfortable in my own online skin. I had always tried throwing in my family to my blog posts, because that is what I truly care about, but back when I started, my blog was about trying to make money, and benefit me. But, it never felt right, or comfortable. I know that God led me to you guys, and made me see there is a Grandma Niche, a place where people care about the small things, the little ones, the way a family interacts together. And that though my family is very blended, our love and devotion for each other could be of interest for someone else. Which has totally turned my ideas around, and given me incentive to start working harder at being upfront and honest and putting it all out there. I am excited for the future of my blog, because I know, that what I put out there from now on, is ME, and the more I share, the more I hope to show that even though we may not have some of the niceties of life, that we could have, we choose to maintain the closeness of our family above all else.

    1. Sweet have been a terrific fan here and on my Facebook page! I love your way with words.....These two comments are a post just waiting to burst onto your blog!
      We grandmas are so happy to have you with us....writing from our hearts is what we do best! I applaud you for trying to make $.....I am not there yet/not comfortable with the obligation that comes with advertising. Maybe down the road.....but for now I'm happy to share my thoughts and experiences! Thank you and best of luck to you! :)