Here's my new profile picture; updated since I recently found out I need to wear glasses full time!  This is the new me....this is how I look now.
 As I uploaded it to Facebook.....and began to do the same on Google (and the other social media sites I belong to) I was asked to also update my "Profile!" In addition to a picture, all these sites want a short, written bio of sorts telling about my traits, likes, talents and accomplishments.

Originally wanting to keep a "low profile" when I joined first venture into cyberspace beyond anonymous email; I figured the lower  degree of visibility would better protect myself and my family. I have since learned it's okay to share what I can do/have done.....and even brag about it!

Years ago I had a hairstylist refer to the haircut she was giving me as having a "good profile"......meaning, I'm sure, that it looked good /balanced well with my sagging chin!  Now.... absolutely! PLEASE give me a cut/style with a good side view!

I am profiling myself as I write. As a writer and reader of numerous blogs and websites, I notice daily the recurring topic of 'seniors' in older, mature, boomers, and my choice...... growing along. As in making predictions about what over-fifty-something men and women like, eat, do, dress, buy and need. Yes...the dictionary clearly states that analysis or predictions about a person or group of people (i.e. gender, age, race, religion) is called profiling!  Of course it's done everyday, everywhere; for all of humanity and all living things! (Our local paper has a "profile" for what grows best in the south.)

After my recent Dr. appointment, his nurse called to share the results of my lab work and "blood profile."  All was in good all the correct ranges.... and she agreed to put a copy in the mail to me for my records. The color coded graph  containing my data was actually called a biochemical profile. It amazes me how this word is everywhere; how we use it so easily in so many arenas!

As a fourth grade teacher and writing coach, I encouraged students to write essays or assessments about the characters in our novel studies...... 'describe the antagonist/protagonist' for example. This in turn would help them create and develop their own characters during writing assignments.  We called them character traits.
Look how they're referred to now as per a recent Pinterest post...creating a Character Profile!

Funny how this writing thing of mine has evolved....AND my sense of honesty/transparency. I had 'change FB profile pic' on my mind.....and as soon as I started to do it......all of this popped into my head. Is this anything worth sharing? Probably's not a story or informational article......but it does show how far I've come in Cyberville! I'm not afraid to write about whatever and whenever something grabs me! Like the use/overuse? of this neat little all purpose word.

Modern Memoirs: How To Blog

I was recently featured in an interview entitled Modern Memoirs: How To Blog. I've been teaching myself little by little...and with awesome support from other bloggers! For that I am most grateful; and now I'm able to help someone else in return!
 The interview was written by a correspondent for; which represents senior living communities. Since they've used a stock photo in the's one of me! I love the light from the kitchen window....and observing neighbors walk by, the gardens in bloom, the weeds that need pulling!

I have a personal Facebook page....called Gramcracker Crumbs; and of course this website with the same name. I am a grandmother of five and a retired elementary teacher and principal currently certified in Gifted Education. I love to read, travel and keep active with 5 and 10 K's, Zumba classes and riding my bike!

                            How To Begin Blogging              
  • Blogger and WordPress are both free and easy to navigate.

  • Ask web savvy friends or adult children for help when you need it.

  • In considering a topic or theme for your blog, choose something with value  for  your readers, something that you value and care about and something that spotlights your personality and style. After you're comfortable with'll easily think of a blog name! As you can inspiration comes from being with kids, aging and everyday life!

  • Be carful about sharing personal and family information-at least until you have confidence in your audience. I use nicknames when referring to my grandkids in posts; and I always get their mom's permission for publishing photos.

I view my writing as an outlet...not an obligation. My words are my paintbrush, creating images in the reader's mind. My sentences weave stories of family and friends....and how we embrace life and all it has to offer. I write about my life chapters, continual learning, travels, friendship, children and the joys of living and playing at every age!

Mom and I in her new Condo

I've shared memories of my parents;
expressing feelings about my
childhood and of my time spent as a
member of the sandwich
generation while caring for both Mom and my grandkids.


Naming my blog Gramcracker Crumbs invited many inquiries as to why. I composed a piece with the simple explanation that Gramcracker was the name given to me by my oldest grandchild....and picked up as the others came along.

I love words...the way words go together. I love the power and feeling of words....playing with words...the rhythm and rhyme of words!
And that's just what Robert Frost said; "Composing is a game with words."

Everyone has a story to tell....each word you write has been written before; each word you speak has been spoken before. But your thought is a creation...a statement bursting from within! Write something today....on a scrap of paper or on a word document. Tell us about the love of your life, your kids, your worries, your amazing adventures. You CAN write...and you can blog!

Joan Stommen

Summer Cousin Time

 Stormy weather and tornado warnings were a new experience for my older granddaughters who were visiting from California for ten days. The sirens were a bit unnerving.......but no worries and no damage; just rain and wind and then a rainbow! Mostly the weather cooperated and the girls and their cousins swam in our neighborhood pool morning, noon and night! Even swimming in the light, cool rain some afternoons was great fun.

This is the 8th year they have spent summer weeks with Grandma and Grandpa in Georgia. It was their first time flying alone and of course it was NBD....and it saved us all some money! I enjoyed this year's visit more than ever because.....there seemed absolutely no distinction between little kids and big kids! All my photos and videos just show the FAB FIVE enjoying playtime, summertime and kid time!

My Flower did five underwater somersaults with one breath!  My Sunshine climbed our front yard tree.......which she's done every year since about age 4! My two grandsons rocked every tune with their enthusiastic dance moves and happy voices! They are just as tech savvy as their older cousins and my sweet 5 year old granddaughter, claiming they are really her big sisters; gave as good as she gets when it came to hair, make-up and fashion know-how! Notice her blond hair extension in the dancing photos!

As we prepared for our Hawaiian Hula and luau, all jumped in to explain how to use/find music on Pandora and how to spell Hawaiian.  The 8 year old got it right first....two i's together! We had a few things planned for the "all five sleepover night" baking cookies....(which really means eating the cookie dough) and all snuggling on the living room floor.


As the afternoon slid into dusk....Grandma remembered some old glow bracelets in a drawer......would they still work? In the backyard to try them out.....the first lightening bug appeared. Mad dashing for the nets and bug cage and they were off. I was left fumbling with how to take night photos. My yard looks so beautiful after dark with the garden lights.....wonder why I never get outside after dark unless there are children around?

The younger kids were delighted to hang with their cousins; the older girls relishing these carefree days where "no one knows them" and no pressure to be "cool" middle or high school kids! I love that the girls wanted to do the things they've always done here at G & G's house: sandbox, tea party, blue Kool-Aid and "macaroni with Joanie!" (Grandpa does all the cooking in our house.....but the girls have loved saying this every time they eat it!) They love the tradition and the security of knowing they can just be kids again when they're here! That is exactly what I remember from summer visits to my Grandma's house! Playing tag and hide and seek in the dark..... in bare feet......and no one cared; no one said no!  (I did put bug spray on them....annoying mosquitos can spoil a good time!)

It was a blast for me...the highlight of my summer! I laughed so much, rolled around in the grass, tried flips in the pool, wished upon a star many nights, danced and sang and learned new chants......but mostly.....clapped and giggled at their joy over and over again! I took our teenager driving a few times, and we visited the Titanic Exhibit here in downtown Atlanta. I spent a couple hours roaming Target and the Dollar Store with my preteen; gathering pool toys and Grandpa Day cards. Oh.....and how lucky we were..... an impulsive check-the-clearance-rack at a nearby shoe store scored a cute pair of sandals for mon fluer!

Every year I try something new when playing/hanging with the kids; but darn it.... I bailed at the last minute at the trampoline park! I was gaining confidence observing 'older' folks jumping; but just as I reached for my wallet.....buses full of  campers and day care kids pulled in, parked and pushed through the door all at once. Good decision! I captured some great pictures while hurrying back and forth to calls of "watch ME, Grandma!"  Here's my oldest grandson doing a flip!

The girls are back home now and enjoying their friends and beach community. But there are still three adorable kiddos here who keep me on my toes; amazing and amusing me with their words and actions. I loved having the cousins them my full time and attention for ten days. I played hard and kept things going/changing up and pulling out new things to keep them busy and excited. I'm still feeling worn out....but great medicine.  As I share these words and pictures with you and compile another Gramps and Gramcracker Book for Summer 2013, I can feel the tiredness slipping away and smiles and contentment filling my face and heart.

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This is nothing new......but great fun to do with grandkids. Whenever the three Littles slept over we made red and blue Jello. That was a kitchen adventure in time to grab the camera.....but whatever pictures come to've got it!

At lunch time they each got to scoop the jello into my "fancy big glasses" and for the coup de gras.......squirt the whip cream! That was a YouTube moment for sure.....but when you're all laughing at the streaming white spray go evvvvvvverywhere but into the time for photos!

Finally Grandma steadied the can so we could fill each glass to the top. We quickly cleaned up so I could get a picture! They were actually clanging their spoons in anticipation!

Afterward......they remembered the little flags in my 4th Of July bag of off they went to march around the yard singing "God Bless America!"  Just too cute and so fun to hear and see their joy! 
Happy July Everyone!