Frame Those Quotes!

"It's June, Grandma! You still have the St. Patrick pictures up in the bathroom!"
said my 5 year old granddaughter.

 Like the rest of us, she's excited that her older cousins are coming for a 2 week visit soon. She also knows that I love pictures and frames and putting things up here and there and everywhere.
I realized I had no recent photos of my California girls....nor did I need anymore baseball pictures of the Littles around the house. So.....I made 4X6 prints of some of my favorite Facebook, Pinterest and greeting card quotes and sayings! 

Cleaning and getting the guest room ready for a teen and preteen.
Found a second lamp for the other side of the bed and a small tapas  plate for their jewelry. Paige insisted the girls will still want a snugly-lovey to sleep with!

Voila! All dressed up and ready to welcome my Sunshine and Flower!

I used to save greeting cards, comics and cute sayings for my scrapbooking. Now I've found another way to inspire and share a smile!

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