I'm at my best in a puttering-kind-of-mood....and that's exactly what I did as I combed through the house and garage for stuff that could be transformed into outdoor decor! This time of year it's all about getting yard and garden ready. Old wooden cats tucked away in a closet, seldom used placemats and a table runner in a drawer and artificial flowers in a jumbled mess in the garage....you know how it is.

Yard toys & tools in a basket to keep on or near the sandbox.

This is the 3rd summer for our repainted deck and ancient furniture....but it's still pretty presentable. All I needed was a few cans of exterior spray paint and fresh pine straw in key places.


 These frogs were a gift from my Mom years ago when we all cracked up at this photo of her and I and my husband! I make a new print every year; the grandkids love this display!

My faded cardinal and a sculpted, painted kitty tucked into a $5.00 fern!
If you look closely, you can see unscented dryer sheets tucked everywhere. They really do work in keeping pesky bees and flies etc away!

Weeding, new pine straw and some green touch-up for Mr. Frog! This spot is perfect for a cozy little bench.....going to start scouting neighborhood sales and flea markets soon!

Yellow paint revised the rusted bicycle planter! But instead of a plant, it's holding my favorite frog statue....representing our fab five grandkids!  My photo frames are cheap, filled with plastic rather than glass in case of gusty winds. Weathering means they only last a season, so I'm always checking clearance sales for them.

I added the kiddos' Easter pinwheels to the mix of faux flowers! Last year's end-of-season-sale chair cushions are perfect for this oversized bench!

All in all....a pretty good start with the backyard! Next will be trimming the hedges and rose bushes along the sides, laying new pine straw and prettying up the front porch....another fun place to play decorator!  

UPDATE:  Look at my antique store/yard sale finds!

Found a wooden bench with gothic stencils; but luckily I had last year's cushion to tie on with pinestraw twine!
Little $3.00 ceramic carrots for the Rabbit Crossing! (We brought this sign back from Sydney years ago; the white faded bunny is a left over Easter Bunny....once brightly colored pink and blue!)

A clearance hanging frame I just tucked into the faux flowers. Love to have photos of the grandkids on the deck!

$6.00 wooden sign ready to hang......pointing straight to the flower garden/veggie & strawberry patch! Oh......and I pinestrawed everywhere.....fresh and ready for summer! Happy gardening!


  1. You did a great job on the backyard! Hope you have a wonderful summer to enjoy back there.

  2. Thanks, Kc! It feels good to get it done!

  3. Oh my goodness everything looks so nice and there is alot of CUTENESS here too! :)

    1. Thank you! Besides the deck, I fix up the areas we see out the windows all day long!
      I like cutseying it up for my older grandgirls who are coming soon. They live on the beach....so are delighted with a 'regular' back yard!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Jeannie!
      I've enjoyed finding and reading your blog too!

  5. A beautiful backyard - you are very creative. I love all the little signs all over the place. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  6. Thanks for reading and commenting, Vickie!
    I love meeting new blogging friends and just found out something wonderful about YOU! Living and building the good life! Bravo!

  7. I love that you sprinkle photos of grandkids and loved ones all around the deck. Why should they just be inside? Thanks for the ideas.

  8. As Lisa discovered in my current post, I also have photos in the bathrooms! LOL
    I love having the grkids pics everywhere.....and they do too! I think it was you who posted a suggestion that the cousins'pics should go away and only display who's ever visiting.....not sure if I could do that. Cousins are a big deal in our family!
    Thanks for stopping by, my friend!

  9. What a cute idea to use a photo outside! Something I have not thought of, but really looks good. Thanks for linking with us :)