Education Celebration....School's Out!

Along the broad travels of our schooling
From nursery school to college degree;
Each year we complete another step
Until the final projects, tests and hugs.

Behind them now the twins leave pre-K
Next to come for Drew is 3rd
Away from 6th, KK and Marge to 7th rise
Beyond freshman year, 10th grade awaits!

As the year ends, we cheer accomplishments
Till next fall starts, we welcome anticipation.
Beyond the summer waits more adventures
Till then, this time is theirs! Congratulations...
On a job well done, my Fab Five!


  1. What absolutely wonderful pictures! You DO have a Fab Five. Amazing how quickly they grow, too especially once they hit Kindergarten. Congratulations to each of them! Amara isn't done until June 14th.

  2. You are so right! Our 8 yo acts so grown up.....he IS growing up! Seems like just yesterday HE wore this same hat and gown.
    Thanks, Kc! Don't usually publish pics of older ones....but gma's gotta brag a little!

  3. This post brought back memories of that glorious last day where just open-ended fun without alarm clocks lay ahead for what seems like an infinity of time! It's even better when you're a grandma because there's time to carefully plan the fun in between visits.
    Your grandkids are beautiful and very well accomplished! I'm sure they feel great reading this tribute to them!

  4. I remember those days well! Myself as a kid, and with my own kids. Something special about summertime...between the bookends of school! Thanks for reminding me to email this link to my older granddaughter s,J!

  5. How fun, aren't we proud of our grand kids? It seems to me they are so grown up and so much more mature than my kids at the same age. Thanks for linking up with me :)

    1. OMGosh...yes they are! I'm in awe of not only what they're learning and understand so early in life........but how much insight and what we used to call "street smarts" they all have!
      Thanks for stopping by, Connie and Kaye!