Call Me Gramcracker

With the grandkids singing "Call Me Maybe" over and over and so many readers asking how my nickname came about, I got the urge to reflect...and relate how it all began.

With my Mom, my grandmas and my firstborn.
Since 'Grandma and Grandpa' were what I used for my grandparents when I was young....and thus our kids used it with our parents, it never occured to us to choose different names. So you can imagine the delight we all felt when our granddaughter started calling us Grams and Gramps. We  thought Whoooaaaa, no one ever would have tried calling our grandparents or parents that and we were tickled....thinking what cool sounding titles we had!

My fab five!

A few years later, she and her toddler sister got into wiggly giggles calling me Gramcracker all day long! Sounded cute and funny, don't know how they latched onto it....maybe eating graham crackers?........but it STUCK!  They are 15 and 19 now...... and, of course the three younger kids have picked it up and use this too! Even my gal pals refer to me as Gramcracker sometimes! LOOOOOOVE it!
I started signing Gramcracker on cards; Gramps and the girls started referring to me this way and it became the name each of the Littles used when they grew old enough to talk.

Logo designed by MCStommen

When I started experimenting with journaling called a blog, I played around with 'gramcracker' but couldn't figure out how to make it work. Sure enough, the girls (laughing and snickering) came up with Crumbs! That was it! The bits and pieces of life with grandkids and schoolkids!

In 2009 when I decided to create a Facebook page, my artistic, oldest grandgirl designed the logo!

So dear grandmothers-to-be, if you're trying to pick a name that suits you; just remember about 'best laid plans.' At some point the kiddos may choose one for you! this Gramcracker sure knows...they will also help guide you through grandmotherhood!


  1. What a wonderful story! You are right -- kids often come up with what they think is the best name for us!

  2. How wonderful that you have a picture with your mom and both grandmas. Grand kids are the best no matter what they call you!

  3. Love this! And so awesome your granddaughter made your logo! What a lucky grandma you are. Thank you for sharing the genesis of Gramcracker ... with and without crumbs ... in the GRAND Social!

  4. Thank you all for the sweet comments! My granddaughter will appreciate them too!
    Interesting how much we get FROM them while we think we're caring/giving to them :)

  5. Love it! It's most fun, I think, when it all comes together organically. Love the picture of you as a young mom - love the women in families - I believe we hold them together. Thanks for stopping by The Empty Nest Mom today - I'll head to your facebook page and like you there too.

  6. Oh how fun! I do love the names as well! I am just the traditional Grandma Karen but two of my daughters have special names that started with my oldest grandchild, who couldn't pronounce their names properly. Each grandchild after has picked up those same nicknames and even we grown-ups and grown-ups-in-law frequently use those names. Quite fun and special, indeed! :)

  7. Thanks, Barb! I uncovered that photo in my mom's old stuff. Going to have it enlarged and framed for our 'family history' shelves. (A once-upon-a-time book case now holds photo frames!)
    I love that your family has nicknames too, Kaye. Is Karen your real name? Kaye a nickname?
    I liked a couple of your posts to share today if that's okay!
    Thank you both for taking time to read me......and for your kind words.

  8. I will wait on Sweet E for my name. Gonna be awhile, until the it's Mrs. Tucker (which so many have already taken to calling me...har!)

  9. I love the idea of a once-upon-a-time bookcase! I also read once about a trend for awhile of taking old family photos, then reposing the people today in that spot and taking a picture of them holding up the old photo.

    Wrote a post today about the story of your Gramcracker name, because I love the story.