Before I was a Grandma....I was a Mom!

 Having both our kids spend an evening with us for my husband's birthday dinner turned out to be the  greatest of gifts for both of us! Our daughter is nearby......but our son lives near LA and he flew home to surprise his dad! The doorbell rang at 8 AM and the stunned, emotional hug between father and son was priceless! We were all so tickled to have pulled it off....not easy to put one over on the big guy! 

After spending the day doing house and yard chores and catching a quick nap....we met our daughter at one of the best restaurants in town to celebrate!    And there we were.......quickly and easily stepping back in time!    It's been years since we had the two of them together......without kids or spouses around.....and for any length of time. What a rare treat!

We spent hours reminiscing about their childhood, all the places we've lived, sharing funny stories and happy times! No sports talk, no grandkid talk, no world problems or work worries......just all about the four of us and their growing up years!
 We had several cross country moves when they were young. The place they consider their hometown is Ipswich, MA where we moved in the 80' starting 4th grade, the other Kindergarten.  They took turns recalling favorite restaurants, ice skating on the frozen Ipswich river every winter, the Town Common where they participated in seasonal parades, races and other celebrations. Taking the train into Salem to meet their Dad....then editor of the paper there. We all took trips into Boston regularly to enjoy concerts or games at Boston Garden or Fenway Park........ride the Duck Boats in the Public Garden and sometimes just to browse the shops and eateries in Faneuil Hall. 

The kids were at the same school where I of my favorite memories! Ipswich is where they started playing hockey... a lifetime sport they both pursue today!  And they recalled that period of time when all of us were involved in the a lector, son an alter boy, sis singing in the choir and me teaching Sunday School! Funny how that stuck with them, huh?

It was the best of times.......and the evening ended with talk of a visit back to Boston in the near future! I suggested all the families gather for a summer trip......but they want to do it with just Mom and Dad! As my son pointed out...we're the ones who were there, who remember their early days....who made it memorable!  Not sure if and how they'll manage it.....but we're ready to go whenever the time comes!
 Right now, this Mom is not only savoring that evening......but also smiling inside at how much they enjoyed their wonderful childhood and embrace all that we were!

Turns out, that surprise celebration was very meant to be; six months later my husband did not wake up from a nap. We are forever grateful for this night of reminiscing. The kids telling their Dad that their lives had been enriched with all the places we'd lived, the adventures he took us on during their childhood was the greatest gift ever. I'll always cherish this moment in time  as a mom. 


  1. Just love the pictures! So glad all of you got to spend such a great time together reminiscing.

  2. As I search from my grandma name, I loved seeing yours!

  3. Here from Grand Social. The pics are priceless.

  4. What a compliment to have your son want just you all to be the ones gathering and remembering. You surely did give them an awesome childhood. Love the photos and memories you share here. Thank you for linking to the GRAND Social and commenting on links of the fellow partiers! ♥

  5. Spending time with the grown-up kids is wonderful!

  6. Thank you all! It was fun going through old photos....can't believe how long ago it all was!! Yes, my son is our sensitive one, our oldest! He loves recalling old times......but he's also very good at giving HIS kids great experiences and memory makers!
    @Mrs. Tucker....I replied on your blog about how my gramcracker name came about! It's a great idea to share with everyone on a future stay tuned!

  7. Despite the joy of adding in-law kids and grandchildren to the family, there is something I, too eventually missed and wish we could recreate more often - the original family time you enjoyed here!
    My sister lived in Boston and we have great memories of visiting Salem (we stayed at the Hawthorne Inn and toured the house of the 7 gables) and riding the swan boats and seeing the wonderful science museum with the Omnimax Theater. Lots of fun and good memories!

  8. I didn't realize I'd missed it so much! The four of us together for dinner was a big deal in itself! The evening's conversation flowing @ their childhood was spontaneous and something we all got caught up in! Priceless for sure. We try to get the families together at least once a year......but this was definitely an unexpected pleasure.
    Thanks for sharing your Salem/Boston memories with me.....makes me smile all over again!

  9. There is nothing better than hearing your kids tell you that they had a good childhood! Congratulations on raising such caring and loving children!

  10. Thank you, Terry!
    It was definetly a feel good evening for my husband and I.
    I am thrilled to meet another blogger and grandmother...jumped over to read your Turtle's Progress! AND we're practically neighbors! LOL

  11. If you do go back, you might hold up some of those old pictures in front of the places they were taken, with you all as you are now, a fun trip down memory lane.

  12. Great idea! I am gathering a pile of them right now! May not be till fall....but I want to be prepared...thanks for the suggestion,Granny-Guru!

    1. And thank you also.....for including me in your post a few weeks back! "Would You Want to be Named After a Food"....what a fun idea to write about!