Texting With Grandma

Sixth grader Kayleigh on the beach near her house
One of my favorite parts of each weekday is between 10:30 and 11:30 (ET) when my cell phone tings! I know it'll be texts from my Flower...my 11 yo granddaughter on her way to school! It's  3 hours earlier in southern CA.  She texts (or sometimes calls) while walking 3/4 of a mile to the bus stop at Marina park, and somedays continues to text as the bus heads along the route to middle school. I look forward to her cheery good mornings, catching up on what's new...and  tidbits about the students boarding the bus!
Hi gma...we got the gift cds tk u soooo much
Good morning, mon fluer! u r welcome! TGIF!
The new Marina Park is open and is SO MUCH MORE FUN
Cool! I miss u sweet girl...ready for the wkend?
awwwww miss u 2. I hope u can come in March so u can see my room and go to the park
Hope so 2...we can ride r bikes
yesterday me and my friend went to the park and took abunch of videos of the nw stuff
wow...ur really ready for it! fun for ms kids too? Never too old, right?
have a great Friday my flower. off to do errands. LU
ok. u 2 love ya   omg...a kid I don't even know jst sat nxt 2 me!
Is he cute?
Practicing her viola (whom she's named Marge!)

That was the end of that convo....guess if he was looking over her shoulder, my comment was embarrassing.  LOL   I've gotten pretty good at this texting back and forth thing.....but sometimes it's easier to spell the word out than to think how to shorten it! She does a lot of letters only.....like nbd (no big deal) and idk (i don't know) which I can so 'coolly' use with my sister and older granddaughter now!

 Some evenings I'm delighted to hear from her again. It's after school and she's practicing her viola! I actually have several audio texts of her playing for me; including Christmas carols and Happy Birthday! (She taught herself in time to play for the twins....and I got a sneak preview/listen!)
Hi Gma, I'm going to play "Old McDonald Had a Farm." I feel that I've really progressed on my viola playing, so I just wanted to show you! I'm working on some of the harder notes now.

She plays it perfectly! 
And now "Jolly Old St. Nicholas!"......which sounds wonderfully Christmassy to me!
And now "Lightly Row" I'm really bad at this one.  Yes....some hesitant, scratchy sounds here, followed by 'you can probably tell I'm bad at that one! Now this is my D major scale.......a bit scratchy as well and trails off to the end.

Needless to say, I've starred this as a favorite and listen to it over and over! I called her immediatly to rave about her playing and got to hear more songs! I asked her permission to share it here on my Gramcracker Blog and she said "sure!"
However......no luck getting the audio onto here.

My oldest, McKenzie, taught me to text before we took her to Alaska 3 years ago. But she was a bit more reserved as she headed to school....have to have phones turned off, Gma! Nowadays she keeps it sweet and simple; answering my questions with ys, no, mb and sending me xxxx and ooooooo most evenings for our goodnights! She's more inclined to call and talk to me about stuff ....which I treasure!
 But Kayleigh has no worries.....my free spirit! I am so lucky to have this daily connection ...it's a limited window I know; but for now.....I'm her texting buddy and we're going to be texting up a storm as we get ready for our trip to NYC in April!


  1. I loved this! Reminds me lots of me and Amara. Since she is only 8 she doesn't text but we do video chat over Gmail almost daily -- which is just as much fun with her only a mile away as it would be if she was across the country. Technology just adds another wonderful dimension to our relationships with our granddaughters! Love it!

  2. Yes!.... that's what I'm looking forward to!!! All these years the girls have been in CA we've nevered skyped or anything. Now Santa has given them new computers with webcam and Grma and Gpa are getting an Ipad so we'll soon be video chatting! Can't wait! Thanks, Kc. Hope you had a fun Christmas with Amara!

  3. Too fun! My oldest grandchild and I text and, while most are about dates and errands, every so often a gold nugget comes through. My youngers are all too young to text but they have started phone calling - more gold nuggets. It's a whole new world for all of us grandparents compared to our parents and grandparents with lots of fun tech options! Happy New Year! :)

  4. Thank you, Kaye! I've been checking out your blog and FB page! So nice to find you and read your posts! You might like reading the Sandwich Generation post I wrote a year or so ago about my Mom!

  5. Joan, this is just wonderful to read. I am so happy you have such a terrific relationship with your grandchildren. Thank you for sharing.
    Charlotte D

  6. What an awesome texting buddy you are! Very cool. I agree that it's easier to spell out the word than figure out the best way to shorten it. Loved this. I can't wait til I can text with my grandsons. Likely be another four years or so, as the oldest is only four.
    I also can't wait to read all about your trip to NYC. Such fun!
    Thank you for linking to the GRAND Social! I hope the new year has started well for you and your lovely family!

  7. I sure do have fun with my grkids! I wish I was able to link the audio of her playing....it's just precious acutally hearing her comments about the viola! This month has hubby, daughter and sister B'days......after that, I'm focusing on NYC plans! Thank you for your kind words, my friends!

  8. Aren't the grandkids and their comments just the greatest?:-))))))) You are so smart to have recorded it all as we will, in spite of what we think, forget a great deal of those special moments.

    Mary Jane

  9. Thanks for your constant support and affirmation, MJ! I just read an article that alluded to idea one should make copies of blog posts to save just in case! Made me smile thinking I was not leaving so many journals and diaries around when I'm gone 'cause it'll all be digitally here on cyperspace!