Almost Five

Gma, Paige and Lane on Thanksgiving, 2012
Our twins are almost five.......but first a story...

January, 1978....the moving van has left our Michigan lake house and we're not far behind as we head to our new home in Owensboro, Kentucky. The falling snow is pretty as we drive south.....but soon the hours and miles grow longer as pretty turns to heavy....then to whiteouts and icy roads. But on we drive, Michiganders that we are! Fiiiinaaallllly we arrive and check into a hotel for the night.
Eight year old Treg and Tracy who is almost five only have eyes for the heated indoor pool all the next day! Nice little treat....but then the call comes; the moving van and movers will not/cannot work in the snow covered streets of this southern town experiencing it's first heavy blizzard! Our hotel visit will become a total of 15 days!
Tracianna's coming birthday jumps to the top of my 'what to do' list. I called relatives back home to give them the hotel's mailing address...alerting the front desk of the possible flury of cards and gifts arriving soon! With a pocket full of dollar bills, Treg goes off to the gift shop over the next few days to buy presents (and trinkets he himself will enjoy!) Boxes and envelopes start to arrive, but the front desk folks agree to keep them out of sight in the office.
Tracy's Big Day arrives and we go down to breakfast with a few cards and Treg's gift bags behind his back. She is delighted to be five.....but asks "can we go swimming now?"
Mid afternoon, the staff calls to say we're invited to a special Birthday dinner in the dining room! YES! they have balloons, a cake and the presents and cards that have piled up in the "hotel hiding place!" A few of the wait staff sit and sing Happy Birthday to our sweet, five year old daughter...."It's a party" she squeals.......her eyes dancing with delight! 
No photos that night, but a picture has been sweetly buried in my heart until now.........her twins are  almost five and they love hearing this story about Mommy's "hotel birthday party!"


I retired the summer before they were born to help my daughter prepare; and have been part of the adventure ever since.
 I've spent the last few weeks gathering photos for my blog....Oh, what a walk down memory lane! First there was the ARRIVAL...three weeks before Christmas...making them the most unique holiday gift we'd ever received! Our own little Prancer and Dancer!   And although I've been in the other kids' lives from day one.....
something about caring for dos babies makes it more amazing. The cuteness times two.......(often times three as big brother helped out/loved on them.....and somedays became one of them!)

      They DO share a special bond, speak twin talk, and have each others back....most of the time.

They've gone from toddling partners-in-crime to savvy little tattlers who can say "he did it/she did it" faster than a speeding car! From dressed alike babies to gender friendly boy/girl outfits; from being called The Babies/The Twins/The Littles to becoming the kids or kiddos and whom we call by name now!

We've all watched young personalities emerge and blossom.....but watching it all unfold in 2D is awesome.......especially when the two peas in a pod are delightfully different! She can be  stubborn and mischievious like her mama was; he is our moral compass, making sure rules are followed and everyone gets a turn. Paige, my sweet valentine, is quick and eager to try anything.
 Lane is easy going and smiling sunshine boy!

Cheering them on as they learned to crawl, walk and talk, praising the Lord when they learned to buckle themselves into their car seats, clapping excitedly as they ride bikes and scooters, climb the rock wall and run in the right direction during flag football! And they're unlocking the keys to reading......I'm smiling with the bittersweet pride that comes with the words "growing up."

These little munchkins are "almost five" and looking forward to their upcoming party; inviting all their classmates to a rented jumping place and of course... two cakes! Their 8 yo brother will be joining in the fun as well........just like long ago when Mommy's big brother helped her celebrate!

"It's double the giggles and double the grins......and double the trouble when you're blessed with twins!"

           HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Prancer and Dancer!


  1. Your time spent looking for all the right photos was certainly time well spent! I love the birthday story. Amara, my 8 year old grand LOVES to hear any stories with her Mommy in them!

    1. Thanks, Kc! So many to choose from that's for sure!
      Amara must be in second grade, right? Just like our grandson:) Sometimes we have to enhance those old stories......they want to know if she got in trouble! HAHA
      Thanks again for the heads up about my comment're wonderful!

  2. oh oh OH I loved this post! :) What great photos and the writing to accompany them..

    Now THIS part touched a chord ( about blogging ) when you said " I've spent the last few weeks gathering photos for my blog....Oh, what a walk down memory lane!" because when I started my blog I was not sure what I was doing or what direction to go in. So I did not do an "ABOUT ME" post for awhile. Then I realized that while I did not have enough material for EVERY post to be about the grands...basically the heart and soul of whatever I posted would surround my "About Me" and tagline involved grandparenting :) AND then I spent days and days and days going through pictures, just like you! :)

    Love yours and your grands are just adorable! :)

    1. Thank you for your sweet note, Debra! I too was slow and uncertain when I started my blog....especially with sharing photos! I had my daughter and DIL's permission.....but still not sure. Joining in the Grand Social and viewing other blogs helped me realize that the photos do tell a story in themselves!
      But I go thru pics all the scrapbooks, photo books for the kids etc! Remember when we had to squint at negatives to see what we might want a copy of in the old days! LOL
      I have been enjoying your HomeSpun posts as well! Thanks for keeping in touch!

  3. What a beautiful family you have and what fun it is to read about them...particularly since I am also a grandma of twins! In my case it's 2 sets born to the same daughter...4 year old boys and 2 month old little sisters. You have the last remaining combination! I also have a total of 5 grandkids, was a teacher, and live in Michigan. I am really going to enjoy following your journey through grandmotherhood! Your pictures are adorable. Happy blogging to you!

    1. Thank you so much! WOW....your daughter really has her hands full! Hope you're nearby to help out! I will pay closer attention to the postings on your "What Happens at Grandma's" blog for sure!
      I'm from Detroit/went to WMU and lived in Kazoo for many years!
      Taught in Mattawan, principal in Paw Paw......let me know where you are and where you taught!
      I love that we can all stay in touch this way!
      Love, Joan

  4. Oh my goodness, these are beautiful photos! I love the one of the tiny kiddos holding hands. So sweet. Twins are indeed something special. I have twin siblings, twin cousins, triplet cousins, and two sets of niece/nephew twins. Alas, no grandchildren twins. At least not yet!

    Thank you for sharing the adorable photos and memories in the GRAND Social!

    1. Hi Lisa! As much as I read and enjoy your blog, I did not know about the twins in your family! WOW to you too! You very well may have twin grkids in your future, girl!
      Pure luck capturing the hand was accidental of course as they sat and watched Baby Einstein/Mozart etc over and over! Their little hands just fell naturally together.....but my daughter and I are thrilled with the photo! :)
      Thanks for your always positive comments! You are a blogger's BF....that's for sure!

  5. Joanie............I loved reading the journey of Prancer & Dancer from birth to 5 years old!!! I have told you this before but will tell you one more time (and probably again)
    you must consider writing something to be published!!!! Your way with words are wonderful. So happy you have started this blog, not only for your kids and grandkids, but for all of us who enjoy reading your descriptive details about anything you write!!!
    love, xoxo

  6. Thank you, my sweet Judy! I love that you keep telling me over and over again....maybe someday I really will! HaHa I did share some of these posts with MORE Magazine....but nothing published yet. My brother in Aus and I are working on something about our Dad's military history/stories.
    Thanks for taking time to read and always for being my biggest fan! You are so wonderful to have in my life :) Joanie

  7. Hi Joan, it's good to have you join us for Say it Saturday. I loved your post, and pics are precious! We also have twins, a girl and boy who will be 2 in a few days. They are indeed fun aren't they? Blessings!

    1. So you had Christmas babies too! You are still in the toddler age....I've been seeing all the FP toys and kid stuff for presents, but alas....they're getting too big for regular toys now! :( Am Girl Doll and wii games on their lists!
      Keep enjoying all the stages and phases, Connie....they do grow up so fast!

  8. Hi there, Joan! Great to see your adorable grandkiddies! I love that they call you Gramcracker. So cute...And thanks so much for your kind comments on my Grilled Grandma post. What a fun idea Lisa had! And thanks for checking out my blog. It's been fun to write.
    Hope you have a wonderful time with your family over the holidays!!