From Grandma's Flower

Over the last 10 days Grandma’s Sunshine and Flower visited G and G’s house. We made the journey from California and left our parents so we could spend all our time with Gramcracker and Gramps. We arrived late the first night and were toooooooo excited to sleep! We visited our cousins so much I can’t remember the days. It was such a special treat to see them considering we only come every summer or so. We also went for lots of swims, three times the first day! My hair began to feel like dried spaghetti. I was proud of myself because in one of those swims we went to Wills Park and I jumped off of the high dive! It felt like I was falling off a cliff, but in a good way. Thanks Grandma for catching it on video.

One of those days, I met a new friend. I helped Grandma pick out a cat at the animal shelter! We were so glad to save Burney, since he’d been in there since January. I'm so sad to leave Georgia, but glad to get back to my California home! I’ll miss the pool, the new cat, and Grandma and Grandpa the most.

Grandma’s Flower/Granddaughter #2

My Gramcracker Crumbs Facebook Logo
Grandma's Sunshine here.  Just wanted to say I hope you all like the new logo!
 Yes, I am the artist! :) -Granddaughter #1!/GramcrackerCrumbs


Chess.....never learned to play/never paid any attention/never really cared. Then  my young grandson announced  he belonged to the Chess Club at school and did I want to play?!?!
He was staying with us for a few days; but rainy, cloudy weather meant no swimming or the off we went to the Dollar Store to buy a chess set.
After two hours engaged with this game and this little guy, my
brain loved the feeling of something new and challenging!

There were no instructions with the box, so he carefully talked his way through, telling me the names of each piece, the various moves and giving me a "do over" when I made a bad decision!
Serendipity......that happy,unexpected pleasure that touches your soul and makes your heart happy! I am delighted to have learned something new (who knows how much I'll recall come tomorrow) .....but mostly tickled that this sweet, baseball-ready, wii champ, trivia expert and perpetually-in-motion boy.....put on his teaching cap and taught this ol' gal a new trick!