Taking Care of Grandma

Learning to be a Grandma is ongoing and forever enlightening! I've been on this journey for 14 years and there's never a dull moment or a day when I've not learned something new, fun or worthy! Today.......I learned something about myself! I don't have to hover and help; prompt and provide. Kids are pretty self reliant and can rise to any occasion. Lying on the couch with ice packs on my eyes after minor surgery, the Littles kept time checks for me, brought me water bottles, carried their empty cereal bowls to the kitchen sink, mastered two remote controls for the TV and CD's and got their own snacks! All the things G & G do when at our house!
One is playing Legos and the other coloring; I hear "I have to go potty" running back to the bathroom. Seconds later, "Oh no, I peed on the floor!" Instead of jumping up to take care of it, I let it go. Sissy decides to help and next I hear "why'd you pee on the floor?.... Because that's the way my pee pee went.......Oh" and then all's quiet as the floor is dried. Next...."did you wipe?....need me to check?.....no, I'm good" And back they came to continue play. Amazing.......I never got off the couch or said a word....as of course I would have....being me!
Chuckling and so proud of them all day long.......but what has touched me the most is my respect for thier maturity and ability! Sometimes less is best, right? Knowing that I can spoil and coddle them in many ways.....but they're perfectly fine if I don't! Thank you, my sweet munchkins!