Another 5K

January 21, 2011
Another 5K in the morning.....Polar Bear Run.......25 degrees! What to wear for cold weather running?!?! Layering up and wearing a hat and mittens, that's for sure.
Hope my sister doesn't bail. We did rain last time/woodsy terrain before that.....we can do this. Update coming! :)
Yes! I did it! 48:08 minutes this time! New Year's Day it was I shaved a minute and a half off! That's all I want......trying to do better and trying to stay in good shape! It is so much fun doing with my sister and having these monthly commitments! We push ourselves to register, then whine and need support to set that alarm and get up............but once we're on our way, we're excited and ready! And afterward, oh my's such a great high....a great accomplishment.....a great thing we have done for ourselves :)
I love doing it with her......she is my best friend as well as my little sister! We have had ups and downs /on and off over the years.....but she is my source of support and humor and understanding about so many things. I love that we don't always agree, and it doesn't matter!