Goodbye Mom

October 8, 2010
Thank you so much Darcy, for your card and beautiful words. I know how much our moms' friendship meant to you, as well as to all of us and it hurts me when I think of your mom right now. Even though she knew it was coming, t leaves such a hole in her life and heart. They shared so much. I know they talked about us kids and shared complaints and vented and cussed us out at times (but not you or me, of course!
God was with us that afternoon you were scheduled to give me a break. Support for my long stays in her room; slouching in her comfy gold chair. But instead of a shower and a rest, your support came in a different way. You were the best person in the world for me at that moment. Isn't that something? You were the strength and guidance I needed even as the tears flowed from both of us. I tell the 'story' now, not even remembering to mention the Hospice lady. "My cousin was there and held my hand and gave me hugs and laughed and cried with me." You helped me wait for Brian and Kim and the kids.
I just had to put it into words how much it meant to me, kiddo. We talked and drank and laughed the days that followed, but I haven't been able to say how much you being there meant until reading your card! Thank you.
Hug your mom for were her strength as well. You without Frazier there all weekend and me missing Jim. (Luckily, we had Brian and Kim's friends and neighbors always flowing through the kitchen!!)
Karen and I went to dinner on Mom's birthday the other night and laughed and told funny stories. I wore Mom's red plaid scarf and we joked and cracked ourselves up by holding it across our faces like she did...too funny!
It feels good to laugh and remember special moments and "Donna" stories as Brian calls them! Love you!