Our Kids As Parents

Arriving in terminal 1 at LAX…..the grandgirls and I first off the plane…..quickly heading to the escalator……up ahead through the double doors wait Mom and Dad, bending over to see up as we all lean down to wave to them.  And suddenly there they are……. all wrapped up in a bear hug in my Son’s arms!

Arriving with 4th of July cupcakes to visit the little ones…….and there in the middle of the pool is my Daughter with three munchkins surrounding her! One on her shoulders, one hanging on her back and one doing flips in front……but I see and hear only her…..whooping and laughing with joy and delight as they perform again and again!

These are the moments only captured by the heart……..but it is something more….internal, maternal and eternal. It’s a smile coming from the soul……and the strong feelings of love and admiration for these two as I watch them parent their own children.   Thanks go to God….. and to my husband…..what an amazing  job we did, huh!?  We are forever parents …… and the sense of accomplishment and pride just keeps growing!

From  “ the lady who writes with dots, dots, dots” as my granddaughter says!

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