Another Gramps and Gramcracker Book

Welcome to our yard, gardens and deck! We have built and planted all these years with the best helpers of all.....our little gardenyardigans! We have watched our GRANDKIDS blossom and grow along with the beautiful outdoors! Each child has been an important part of making this house a home. The yard work......building the deck and the wall, planting, watering and weeding. The yard art.....from the frog collection and rock garden from my Mom and Dad, the nautical touches from living on lakes and oceans to my collection of decorative birdhouses.

But it wouldn't be HOME without the squeals, laughter and delight that has filled our yard with love and joy! They have planted flowers and a veggie patch, built and painted birdhouses, "watered" the lawn by running through the sprinkler!

They have used binoculars to hunt for bunnies and squirrels, magnifying glasses to look for crawling, creeping creatures and used their creativity and imaginations playing in the huge sandbox.
Thank you my Sunshine and Flower for showing us the way. And thank you to my Shining Star and the Dynamic Duo for keeping us going!

Michigan Lake House Vacation

Sometimes it's a trip back in time that means the most! In this repost I share the importance of our adult children in our lives along with having grandchildren. We came home from this vacation with the assurance and pride that we had done a good job as parents. We watched as our kids' happy childhood was recreated for their own children in this slice of life that touches us to this day. 

We decided to rent a lake house on Crooked Lake, one of many in Michigan; in honor of our 45th anniversary five years ago. Since Treg and Tracy spent their early childhood on another Crooked Lake, they wanted to show thier own kids what lake living and swimming was all about!
Well, it turned out to be better than our expectations! Two families drove from Georgia (in separate cars) and the other family flew in  from California to meet by mid-afternoon the first day. The home and property were perfect for eleven of us! We enjoyed outstanding weather, everyone got along and all five grandkids had the time of their lives.

A sandy bottom meant the 3 year old twins could walk out pretty far and it really helped them gain confidence in the water. Grandpa and the daddies played water football and 'Shamu' with all the kids.
John kept us organized and fed and was in charge of the grill and fire pit! We had kayak and pontoon boat everyday and rented the jet ski for a day so everyone could have a ride. Daughter Tracy really rocked the jet one would ride with her! She had a blast. And our son Treg helped every child catch their first fish!

The front yard leading down to the lake was huge...there was a great swing set/playground area, a hammock and lots of trees!  Plenty of room for tossing the football, playing tag and hide and seek and even a firepit for our smores! ( I shared all of this with an artist friend who did the beautiful painting above! ) My husband had no problem getting around with his walker or cane.......strong fencing along each side of the huge yard allowed him to get down to the lake and dock. He was totally in charge of piloting the pontoon boat!


Flashback to a picture of me in the early 70's with my husband with our son then and now!
I loved every minute of it..watching the grandkids' faces all day long as they discovered some new moment of delight about the lake and yard! John or Treg would serve us  Gin & Tonic's each evening...pretty cool to have favorite son and son-in-law taking care of us! Our daughter-in-law made sure every moment was captured with photos and video.

Tracy & John went to bed early with their young kids...but we stayed up late with Treg and Cara and the older girls for the "night life"... catching fireflies, swirling sparklers and sitting by the bon fire. The night we made the yummy smores it was 9:00 PM and the sun was still shining...but that was the only way the Littles could participate and still get to bed!

Favorite places from the past made for awesome day trips. The Gilmore Car Museum, the Air Zoo Museum and the stables where Jim's nephews keep their harness racing horses were great fun for all three generations. The three older kids helped out with grooming and feeding the horses....and Treg got to ride the little cart they use for racing! He also got up on water skiis again on a friend's boat! It warmed our hearts watching him and his sister be kids again!

                                                                            At the end of the week, Treg and Cara stayed on to visit Michigan friends, the Littles took to the road again to visit their Ohio grandparents and Grandpa and I brought the older girls back to Georgia to enjoy them for another week!

"Oh, I miss the comfort of this house...
Where we are, where we are,
Where we are, where we are;
The floor under our feet whispers out
Come on in, come on in
Where it all begins."    Lakehouse by Monsters and Men

This photo book is a favorite for all of us....allowing us to savor this trip...and also to recall our  early days living on the lake! We  had the best vacation/family reunion/walk-down-memory-lane time ever!