Gramps and Gramcracker Books

I love taking pictures! My camera is my constant companion whenever I'm with my grandkids. After years of scrapbooking, I decided to try this Photo Book method where I could add narrative and creative designs just like I spent hours doing with my stacks of memory books!

  The first attempt was "Our Alaska Adventures"  book; written and photographed with my granddaughter after our dogsledding and snow trekking vacation. Living in Southern California, she wanted to experience snow and learn more about this unique sport. She quickly learned the lingo and moves. It really was the 'lightness of being" as we flew over the snowy meadows like a magic carpet!
We put Travels With Gramps and Gramcracker on the back cover.

 But now every time I create a new book, we call it Another Gramps and Gramcracker Book!


Gary and His Grandkids....A Grand Life  is a tribute to our old cat, Gary Gare. Always an indoor cat, he passed away in December, 2010. Our grandson, who was 3 at the time, peered out the window at his backyard grave and announced; "now Gary's an outdoor cat!"  The twins love reading this to Burney...our new kitty....and I've shared it with the staff at our vet's office.   

I wrote about  Gardenyardigans....what we call the kids playing in the yard; helping with gardening and 'watering' the grass as they run through the sprinklers! You know I had their help with this title....straight from the  Backyardigans kids' program!

Having our fab five kiddos together every summer is a highlight for us all; so I've created  memory books of photos and funny tales for the cousins each year. Although these have all been made with Shutterfly, I also work on projects through Heritage and Snapfish! Check out their sites for great promotions and discounts.

Each child has had the 'honor' of being on the back cover as well! Who knew it would be such a big deal! Lane learning to swim last summer was a real highlight! This year....on our 10th book... it's our turn!